The technological innovation and service employed by Cleanpro Express are based on the core value of “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental-Friendly Self-Service Laundry“. To achieve the connotation of a “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental friendly Self-service Laundry“, Cleanpro Express embraces four key principles – consumer’s health, environmental protection, fabric care and employee’s wellbeing.

The innovative and dedicated concept of “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental Friendly Self-service Laundry” is a testimony to Cleanpro Express‘s devoted brand recognition, which has injected a new element to the self-service laundry industry in this region, and it is now getting popular in the urban and sub-urban area.

With its great strength and brand appeal, Cleanpro Express has now many groups of professional, competent and enthusiastic teams which are fully committed to promotion of a “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental Friendly 24 hours Self-service Laundry” business. The fully innovative, no manpower self-service laundry marks the unlimited growth and magnificent future of Cleanpro Express.

As the pioneer in this innovative 24 hours Self-service Laundry Licensing Programme, Cleanpro Express alters the laundry industry around this region forever while growing rapidly and has the most number of outlets; its popular and established brand is now on everyone’s lips.

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